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Introduction to internet marketing software & resources

introduction to internet marketing software & resources is one of the best resource sites on the web for internet marketing software, courses and tools for effectively promoting your business online. In essence this site gives you the tools to help your business succeed on the net.

Leaning FountainIn recognition of this, the site has been awarded the Learning Fountain Award, which is only given to sites which pass the strict criteria of offering high quality marketing information.

To use the site, just select one of the marketing categories from the menu on the right hand side. This will take you to a page giving a brief overview of the subject and a listing and short introduction to the internet marketing software that you need to be effective in that particular area of marketing. Just select any of these tools by clicking on its link and you will be taken to a review of that particular internet marketing software, service or resource.

You can then choose to visit the main site for more information about the marketing software or go back to the category page and choose another application. Wherever you are in the site which currently consists of around 150 pages, you will always be able to see the menu on the right to click the internet marketing category you are interested in.

In addition to these excellent internet marketing software, services & resources, we also provide you with our own comprehensive resource, which you will find along the top menu.

The books and courses section is essential viewing. This covers the absolute BEST internet marketing courses & books that are available on the internet. These are written by the worlds top internet marketing gurus and will give you all the information, techniques and strategies necessary to succeed online.

In addition to these top books & courses, you will also find an extensive selection of internet marketing e-books that are free to download and some great scripts.

The other sections include the forum, where you can ask questions and exchange technique's with your peers; the directory which lists many other useful internet marketing sites; the articles section which covers many internet marketing topics and our ezine which is free to subscribe to and will keep you up to date with the latest internet marketing software and strategies.

Please contact us with any suggestions for how we could improve this site and what you would like to see here.

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